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Laker Taker©

Trolling and casting our "Laker-Taker" spoon produces limit catches of lake trout, coho and chinnok salmon and northern pike.

The lake trout prefer a slow to moderate trolling speed or retrieve. For salmon or northern pike a faster trolling speed or retrieve is more effective. The 9061 is a slower action lure for lake trout. This lure will run about 1 ft. for each 18 yards of line out at normal speed.

Cohos usually inhabit the top 50 ft of the lake strata so test at various depths to locate a school, then work the same area for your limit. At deepest depths and faster speeds, use a swiveled trolling lead or sliding trolling sinker, about 4 ft. ahead of this lure.

For best action in casting, start with short casts, feather as it enters the water allowing the lure to settle at about a slow 6 count. Retrieve all around the boat. Next increase the distance of the cast, increase your count and pauses. Follow same pattern all around the boat again. After maximum cast distance is reached move beyond maximum pattern and work a new area in the same fashion.

The #9061 is made of .062 Brass.The bodies are painted and finished to imitate varieties of forage fish. Finishes include nickel-plated, gold tone anti-tarnish lacquer dip or painted white pearl.

#9061 oz. - 4 in.

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