Swedish Pimple

The Swedish Pimple is a superb jigging lure. This type of lure has been widely used in Sweden for over 100 years with exceptional results on both fresh and salt-water fish. Jig it, summer or winter! (more…)


This variation of our Swedish Pimple incorporates a unique wing design to give this lure a different trolling or casting action. (more…)


Flash More Fish with the “Do-Jigger®”!
Our # 3 is great as a spin casting lure in summer for big trout, northern and bass, and the #1 as a casting or trolling lure for kokanee, jacks, smaller trout and bass. (more…)

Flute Spoons

These spoons have build in retrieve and trolling action to fill the demand for a lighter “Swedish Pimple.” For casting, trolling or jigging with the same results as our original Swedish Pimples. (more…)

Laker Taker

Trolling and casting our “Laker-Taker” spoon produces limit catches of lake trout, coho and chinnok salmon and northern pike. (more…)

Flutter Laker Takers

Our thin laker takers are made of .020 spring brass – flutter spoon version. With a sharp bend in the treble hook end, this makes them very popular for slow trolling or multiple lure use on down riggers. (more…)