Pimpling for Whitefish

Whitefish are usually found in deep water 40 to 100 feet so use a short (4 foot) rod with a limber tip and a quality casting reel with a reliable drag. To assure sensitivity and reduce line stretch use 15 to 20 lb. Test Dacron line and a six foot leader of quality mono-filament line. Others like hand lining with a chugging stick. In water depths less than 40 feet use our #6 – ½ oz. Swedish Pimple, a #7 – ¾ oz at 40 to 65 feet, 1 #8 – 1 oz to 100 feet, 1 #9 – 1 5/8 oz. To 150 feet and #10 – 2 oz to 200 feet.

The favorite, most effective colors are White Pearl, Nickel, Nickel with Fluorescent yellow, Fluorescent Orange or Pearl trim. Some fishermen modify their pimples by using a #6 or #5 treble hook on both the front and back split rings. The line is attached to the front split ring with the improved clinch knot of at least five turns. Many use extra white, yellow, or red flippers on the hooks. Some use added fish scent, fish oil, smelly jelly or fish spawn or eggs on the bottom treble, or on a short dropper line. Drop the Swedish Pimple to the bottom, bounce it on the bottom, slowly raise it about a foot or more, hold it, drop it and repeat. On a take or hit, set the hook. Many experts use locators or fish finders to locate and stay with the schools. If the fish move, you move. Some run the locators continuously to be ready for action.

Whitefish usually are in schools. Lakers are usually the larger loners. This vertical jigging technique is equally effective on open water fishing or ice fishing.