This variation of our Swedish Pimple incorporates a unique wing design to give this lure a different trolling or casting action.

Our smaller size Vingla lures are very effective on brook, brown and rainbow trout in streams or lakes, also large pan fish walleyes, bass stripers, or white bass. They imitate forage fish.

Use a lure that closely matches the favored food in size and color. The size 6 runs deeper for pike, salmon or lakers and the size 5 is just about right to use behind a dodger. Install the split ring provided in the front hole of the lure for the most free-swinging action. Then you can tie the lure directly to your line with an improved clinch knot or use it with a swivel or snap swivel.

Use with our pattern casting system in snag areas or along weed banks. Use large ring single hooks to avoid fouling or hang-ups. Size 1/0 for lakers, salmon or pike. Sizes 1 or 2 for browns, rainbow or bass, size 4 to 6 in streams. These hook and hold well. Single hooks should be installed with the point riding upright. Often a yarn fly adds an extra touch. To use this lure as a Pimpling jig, just reverse the hook assembly.

For trolling, use at least 10 lb. Test line, running with the rod tip low to the water, at a slow to usual trolling speed and with a lot of line out. The more the better for browns! If you bump bottom, take in just enough line to maintain the depth you wish to work the lure. On the strike, get the rod tip up high, get out all the line stretch and set the hook deeper with a short, sharp movement. Don’t reef and tear the hook out! Most fish hook themselves.

Vinglas are made in nickel, buffed brass, gold, or white pearl with prism and fluorescent colors as with the Swedish Pimple.

#2V 1/10 oz – 1 in
#3V 1/5 oz. – 1 ½ in
#5V 1/3 or. – 1 7/8 in.
#6V ½ oz.- 2 ¼ in